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Flamenco Compass

4.8 ( 9888 ratings )
Musica Stili e tendenze
9.99 USD

$350 is too much expensive for Metronome. Isnt it?
Difficulty about flamenco is that unique rhythm.

While having a will to exercise in proper way with Metronome,
dedicated machine cost $150 to $350.

If there were a reasonable Metronome.
But it should work sufficiently. In addition, it should be easy to use.

Your iPhone becomes the Compass Machine. More comfortable than thought.
There is no such a reasonable great Metronome? OK, we will make it.

Project "Flamenco Compass" started from this manifesto.

Collaboration between DTM software developer from Ukraine, and iPhone app developer from Japan.

We achieved not only certain quality as an music software, but also beautiful design and agility as an iPhone app by that precious combination.

Necessary and sufficient. Simple is Power.

You can start your exercise by using preset functional rhythm patterns soon.
Addition, you can save and load your original patterns.

Real tap sound and hand crap sound available, (and more)
tempo is easily adjustable by slide bar.
Accent is also changeable its strong/weak/double/none by tapping numbers on compass.

Importantly, all those features are available in one hand.
There is no thick manual. All features works as soon as your installation.

We know that the tool without "simplicity" and "beauty", is gabage.
Even if it contains countless functionalities.

Meaning of being an iPhone app.
Anytime, Everywhere.

Means, you can confirm rhythms in a train thorough earphone.

Means, you can start your exercise as soon as you find any proper space to tap and sound.

Means you do not need to bring any additional machine, and do not need to change battery of it.

Also, it means bug will be fixed, and required features can be realized by update.

You shall buy after you get everything. Buy without knowing? What a nonsense!
Just consider what you are doing, you must find dangerous that you are buying any app based only on explanation and some screen shots on App Store.

Do not worry!

Weve prepared a movie you can see how the app works actually.
Through 2 minutes short, it gives you a set of introduction about features.

You can make your mind after you see all, listen all, and get everything.